ASTRAGALUS Appears to help restore normal immune function. Rids the body of excess water. Strengthens the digestive system.

BEET LEAF Helps rid the body of excess water and salt. High in folic acid (essential blood builder).

BETAINE (HCL) Another lipotropic that is a digestive enzyme. Helpful in allowing nitrogen retention and utilization needed for muscle repair and recuperation.

BIOFLAVONOIDS Water soluble and composed of cirtin, rutin, hesperidin, as well as flavones, and flavonals. Flavonoids are the substances that provide the yellow and orange color in citrus foods. Necessary for the proper function and absorption or vitamin C. The prime function of bioflavonoids is to increase capillary strength and regulate absorption.

BlOTIN Necessary for transformation of fatty acids, amino acids and carbohydrates to energy. Helps in the production of glycogen in liver and muscle tissue. Produced by microorganisms in the intestine. Known to promote healthy hair and help prevents graying and baldness. Enhances athletic performance. Alleviates lethargy and depression. Guards against eczema.

BLACK COHOSH ROOT Soothing to the respiratory system. Promotes healthy blood vessels, and nervous system.

BLACK RADISH Mild laxative properties. Functions as a liver tonic as well as a general overall tonic.

BLADDER WRACK (Kelp) A gentle metabolic stimulant. Improves your ability to assimilate and utilize nutrients. Very nourishing to the internal organs. Source of iodine, B complex, vitamins D, E, and K.

CALCIUM Vital For nerve conduction, heartbeat and muscle contraction and coagulation. Necessary for production of energy. Strengthens the immune system. Acts as a chemical regulator. Believed to aid in the prevention of osteoporosis and cancer. Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Heightens energy levels.

CAMOMILE FLOWER Good for the digestive system. Has a relaxing effect on the body. Relieves back pain. Known to soothe menstrual cramps.

CHOLINE A member of the B complex family and a lipotropic (fat emulsifier). Works with inositol (another B-complex member) to utilize fats and cholesterol. One of the few substances able to penetrate the blood brain barrier, which ordinarily protects the brain against variations in the daily diet, and go directly into the brain cells to produce a chemical that aids memory.
Seems to emulsify cholesterol so that it doesn't settle on artery walls or in the gall bladder. Aids in the sending or nerve inpulses. Helps eliminate poisons from your system by aiding the liver. Helps in the production of lecithin. Aids in controlling the accumulation of fat in the liver.
Component part or lecithin. Necessary for proper functioning of nervous system. Helps in the metabolism of lipids. Improves memory and is being used in the treatment or Alzheimer's disease. Known to be an effective energy booster. Reduces blood cholesterol levels. Effective in balancing mood swings, depression and manic symptoms.

CHROMIUM POLYNICOTINATE Essential trace mineral. Important for proper insulin function. lOO% organically-bound chromium in non-toxic form. Hypoallengenic. Provides great improvement in glucose tolerance. Helps build muscles and reduces fat. Biologically active in form of Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF). Essential for blood sugar and lipid metabolism. Believed that 90% of population lacks needed amounts of chromium.
Works with insulin in the metabolism of sugar. Helps prevent and lower high blood pressure. Acls as a deterrent for diabetes. Helps move protein throughout the body where it is needed. As we age, chromium retention decreases in the body

CO Q-10 Nearly every cell in our body used CO enzyme Q-10 to produce the energy that keeps us going. It is essential for the health and survival of all human tissues and organs. Unfortunately, our body's ability to naturally supply CO Q-10 declines as we age. CO Enzyme 0-10 is an essential catalyst needed by our cells to produce their energy. Similar in structure to Vitamin K and E. CO Q-10 also functions as an anti-oxidant by retarding free radical formation.

DAMIANA Helps to relieve constipation. Stimulating nerve tonic for mood elevator.

DANDELION ROOT Help rids the body of excess water and salt. Play decrease high blood pressure by ridding the body of excess fluid, thus reducing the amount of fluid the heart must pump to circulate blood. Protects against liver and gall bladder disorders. Contains high levels of vitamins and minerals, notably potassium.

FOLIC ACID A water soluble vitamin. Aids in blood formation, metabolism and division of red and white blood corpuscles. Prevents paleness, irritability and fatigue. Prevents sore red tongue and bleeding gums. Guards against mental confusion and anemia. Effective against depression. Used in the treatment or arteriosclerosis and prevention or recurrent heart attacks.

GINGER ROOT A strong circulatory stimulant. An excellent digestive aid, calms nervous and upset stomach. An effective remedy for conditions brought on by colds.

GINGKO BILOBA Gingko has a positive effect on the vascular system. It increases blood flow to the brain and lower extremities. Helps with poor circulation. Improves mental functioning and the ability to concentrate. A great mood elevator.

GOLDEN SEAL ROOT Effective for inflammation. Aids in the digestion process. Also has a slight effect on lowering blood pressure.

GOTU KOLA A positive effect on circulation by increasing and improving the flow oF blood throughoutout the body. Improves memory and brain functions. Can help reduce swelling and pain in joints.

GRAPE SEED EXTRACT Natural plant product rich in a natural anti-oxidant which is up to 50 times more active an anti-oxidant than Vitamin E, and up to 20 times more anti-oxidant than Vitamin C. It offers powerful free radical scavenging, and it is easily absorbed. Enhanced protection against cell-damaging free radicals.

GUARANA Acts directly upon the central nervous system. Brings about an almost immediate sense of clearer thought and lessens fatigue. It also stimulates the release of stored sugar from the liver, increases metabolic rate, and a dramatic increase in energy.

HAWTHORNE BERRY A great cardiotonic, strengthens blood vessels, and increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the heart. Aids in lowering blood pressure, which reduces the workload on the heart. Also helps rid the body of excess salt and water.

KOLA NUT The active ingredient in caffeine. Kola Nut is an excellent source for energy, increase metabolism, diuretic, and antidepressive.

INOSITOL Water soluble, another member of the B complex and a lipotropic. Combines with choline to form lecithin. Found important in nourishing brain cells. Helps to lower cholesterol levels. Produces a calming effect. Aids in redistribution of body fat.
Inositol is effective in promoting the body's production of lecithin. Fats are moved from the liver to the cells with the aid of lecithin; therefore inositol aids in the metabolism of fats and helps reduce blood cholesterol.
Caffeine may create an inositol shortage in the body. In combination with choline, it prevents the fatty hardening of the arteries and protects the liver, kidney and heart. Like choline, it has been found important in nourishing brain cells.

IODINE Two thirds of the body's iodine is in the thyroid gland. Since the thyroid gland controls metabolism, and iodine influences the thyroid, an under-supply of this mineral can result in slow mental reaction, weight gain, and lack or energy.

IRON Essential in burning food for energy. Necessary for the production of biological energy. Vital to the formation of hemoglobin. Oxygenates the body and raises energy levels.

L-CARNITINE Aids the body in lowering the blood fat level by transporting (long chain) fatty acid for use as energy. It tends to regulate the rate at which the body will metabotize fat. Water soluble.

L-GLUTATHIONE Component from cysteine. Antioxidant. Reactivates Vitamin C. Naturally occuring food compound plays a key role in guarding against cell and tissue damage from natural body processes as well as chemical and environmental pollulants.

L-METHIONINE Helps detoxify the system. Protects the body from destructive free radicals. Lipotropic (primary function is to prevent abnorma1 or excessive accumulation oF fat in the liver).

LECITHIN Excellent source of inositol and choline. Helps keep cholesterol more soluble. Detoxifies the liver and increase resistance to disease by helping the thymus gland carry out its function.

MAGNESIUM Necessary for glucose metabolism. Vital in the production of cellular energy. Necessary for proper muscle contraction and nerve conduction. Works to maintain health of the veins. Reduces the clogging of the arteries. Functions as an energy enhancer.

MANGANESE Necessary for the production of energy. Functions as an anti-oxidant. Necessary for the proper synthesis of neurotransmitter dopamine. Increases energy. Promotes better brain function.

NIACINIMIDE Water soluble and produced by tryptophan. Provides energy for cell growth. Necessary for the metabolism of carbohydrates with the help of thiamin and riboflavin. Aids in tissue growth of the skin, the mucous membranes and digestive system. Known to energize the body. Extremely effective in reducing blood cholsterol. Reduces the risk or heart attacks.
Known to promote appetite. Alleviates skin disorders, diarrhea and irritability. Helps with mental confusion and shown to be effective against depression. Dilates blood vessels. Thought to stimulate sex drive. More generally used since it minimizes the flushing and itching of the skin that frequently occurs with nicotonic acid form of niacin.

PABA Water soluble, one of the newer members or the B-complex family. Helps form folic acid and is important in the utilization of protein.

PANTOTHENIC ACID Water soluble B-complex vitamin and coenzyme. Necessary for metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and riboflavin. Necessary for proper synthesis of cholesterol and fatty acids. Required for proper production of adrenal hormones and energy. Acts as a nerve regulating substance. Heightens energy, metabolic rate and athletic ability.
Prevents fatigue, headaches, sleep disorders and nausea. Stimulates cell growth.

PHOSPHORUS Present in every cell in the body. Necessary for normal bone and tooth structure. Niacin cannot be assimilated without phosphorus. Important for heart regularity. Essential for normal kidney function. Needed for the transference of nerve impulses. Aids in metabolizing of fats and starches.

POTASSIUM Vital to muscle contraction and nerve conduction. Regulates the heart beat. Necessary for the production of biological energy. Necessary for synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins. Heightens energy levels. Effective in lowering blood pressure. Effective against fatigue, weakness and muscle pain.

SELENIUM Enhances immune system by helping prevent free radical formation. Acts synergistically with Vitamin E and possibly Vitamin A. Hay prove effectlye in cancer prevention. Lack or selenium in diet can cause heart condition called Kershan's disease. Effective in treatment or yeast infections. Increases effectiveness or vitamin E.

SILICA Changed by the body into readily available calcium. Part of all connective tissue cells. As well as those of the hair, nails, and skin. Deficiency or imbalance can be the cause or poor memory, hair loss and ingrown nails.

VITAMIN A (BETA-CAROTENE) A fat soluble vitamin (beta-carotene is the water soluble Vitamin A precursor). Considered the anti-infective vitamin. Used as a curative and restorative for the skin. Necessary for the proper functioning of the respiratory system. Increases immunity with increased anti-body activity. Used for the prevention of night blindness. Rejuvenates dry skin and improves skin grafts.
Helps protect against dental decay. Helpful against respiratory infections. Has shown to be beneficial when used topically on acne, boils and impetigo. Promotes healthy hair and guards against glaucoma. Thought to have protective effects against various forms of cancer: skin, bladder, larynx, esophagus, stomach, colon/rectum and prostate. Alleviates stress symptoms.

VITAMIN B-1 (THIAMIN HCL) A water soluble vitamin. Integral for the metabolism of carbohydrates to glucose. Helps in the production or Thiamin pyrophosphate (enzyme) in red corpuscles, liver, kidney and other tissues. Promotes appetite. Used to energize the body. Normalizes moodiness and irritability. Used to alleviate gastrointestinal disorders. Effective against depression and other nervous disorders.

VITAMIN B-12 A water soluble vitamin. Helps with functioning of blood cells in the bone marrow as well as the nervous system. Helps to build red corpuscles. Assists in fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism. Necessary for DNA and RNA synthesis, and for synthesis and metabolism of nerves and spinal cord tissue. Stored in the liver and the kidneys. Helps against bleeding gums. Fights off gross fatigue and depression. Helps against pale lips, tongue and gums. Known to be effective against allergies, sterility, thyroid disorders and menstrual disorders.

VITAMIN B-2{RIBOFLAVIN) A water soluble vitamin. Necessary for the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. A powerful anti-oxidant that oxygenates the cells. Combined with an enzyme, it helps produce energy. Aids in growth and repair of cell tissue. Important for energy. Helps to protect against cracks and yellow crust around mouth. Prevents reddening or the tongue and itching eyes. Believed to contain anti-infective properties. Known to help in the prevention of cancer of the esophagus.

VITAMIN B-6(PYRODOXINE HCL) Aids in assimilation or protein and fat. A water soluble vitamin. Necessary for the absorption and metabolism of amino acids. Assists in the production of glucose (energy from glycogen). Helps with red blood cells and the nervous system. Necessary for the formation or niacin from tryptophan. Required for the proper function or the brain, nervous and immune systems.
Considered to be a super immunity builder. Helps guard against anemia. Prevents irritability, nervousness and insomnia. Prevents formation of kidney stones. Used for alleviation or atherosclerosis, diabetes, and arthritis. Assists with eye problems and migraines. Reduces nausea, depression and anxiety associated with PMS.

VITAMIN C A water soluble vitamin. Maintains collagen and strentgthens dentin. Used for the healing of wounds and burns. Necessary for the proper formation of red corpuscles and blood vessels. Helps in the treatment of bacterial infections. Increases Iron, Vitamin E and A absorption.
Necessary for the conversion of tyrosine and tryptophan to norephinepherine and serotonin. Guards against urinary tract infections and scurvy. Helps to alleviate anemia. Promotes healing of wounds and broken bones. Prevents bleeding or spongy gums and nosebleeds. Used as a preventative against cancer-causing agents. Effective against colds. Activates white blood cells.

VITAMIN D A fat soluble vitamin. Necessary for the proper metabolism of calcium and phosphorus and for proper kidney functioning. Necessary for the proper formation of skeletal system. Helps in the prevention of osteomalacia and bone malformation. Strengthens bones and teeth. Prevents outbreaks of herpes. Helps against arthritis. Helps prevent colon and breast cancer, and protects against tuberculosis. Used in the prevention of rickets.

VITAMIN E A fat soluble vitamin. Necessary for the formation of red corpuscles, muscles and tissue. Considered a powerful anti-oxidant. Protects Vitamin A and vital fatty acids, and is necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system. Guards against weakness and irritability. Alleviates diarrhea. Proven to normalize poor skin conditions and sunburns. Used as an anti-blood clotting agent and has been shown to lower blood pressure. Effective against cystitis and colitis. Improves sexual performance and has been used in the treatment or infertility.

WHITE WILLOW BARK A natural source that forms the basis for aspirin. Anti-inflammatory. Excellentanalgesic properties.

ZINC Essential for the proper functioning of the immune system. Works as an anti-viral agent. Closely related to testosterone. Effective in fighting off colds. Known to stimulate the sex drive.